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Curtains and home textile products will have a longer lifespan thanks to the professional The Belgravian care. Curtains are home textile products which are continuously exposed to adverse effects such as internal/external humidity and temperature differences, dew effect, sunlight and hot lighting. This causes the texture to be weakened and the fabric to be discolored. In addition, heat, soot, smoke emitted from the heating sources, and other dirt on the air cause these textile products either to go gray or to grow pale permanently based on their colors. Such cleaning processed that are carried out by ignoring such adverse effects of the environmental conditions, or that are not suitable negatively affect the curtains and indirectly shorten the useful life of the article. The Belgravian Curtain Installation team establishes the conditions that changes for every household on-site and ensures the articles to be cleaned by the most suitable methods.


Curtains keep their colors and newness for a long time and conserve their values with periodic and careful care and cleaning carried out by The Belgravian. Special gold and silver foil coated curtains, silk shantung, sateen, taffeta and precious velvet attain the liveliness and resplendence they had at the time of purchase. Curtains are purified from unpleasant odor molecules by carrying out a special process, and they bring along the spring your home during all the four seasons. Another reason for this service to be highly satisfactory and preferable is that it also includes disassembly, cleaning and assembly of the curtains.